TIPC aims outlined in Pan-Africa workshop

Chux Daniels, Joanna Chataway, Robert Byrne |

Science and innovation policy as though 'Somewhere' mattered

Joanna Chataway |

Anywheres are highly educated, liberal elites committed to openness in trade and immigration policies, at ease with the ebb and flow of waves of cultural change and with a looser affiliation to traditional norms....

A Story of Finnish Foresight & Paradox

Geraldine Bloomfield |

Many economists have questioned why, in the main, their discipline neglected to foresee the global economic crisis of 2008...

The View from Sweden

Fredric Bauer, Johan Clemente, Johan Miörner |

The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium's (TIPC) first gathering to discuss inception phase work was at the University of Lund, Sweden in Feburary 2017, hosted by CIRCLE...

An experiment in innovation policy for transformative change

Priscilla Mensah et al. |

The White Paper on South Africa's Science and Technology, published in 1996, envisaged a National System of Innovation (NSI) in which institutions would cooperate in a nationally optimal way towards solving real problems....

Transformative Innovation Policy in South Africa: The TIPC initiative

Chux Daniels |

South Africa has been transforming since the abolition of apartheid in 1994. A central part of this process, has been the positioning of the science and technology landscape as a key driver for social economic advancements....

Transformative innovation policy addresses inequality

Johan Schot |

This week's blog feature is news on fresh research associated with Transformative Innovation Policy and how the approach can succeed in tackling inequality....

Towards Transformative Innovation Policy for Norway

Laur Kanger |

"A rich tapestry of the three frames of innovation policy are present in Norway. We need to let them know how to talk to one another."...

Colombia - A Snapshot from the Inception Visit

Matias Ramirez |

"Transformative Innovation Policy above all is about changes in the socio-technical systems that involve multi-actors, address social and societal issue directly, have the potential to be disruptive and open the prospect of different routes that are both sustainable and inclusive."...

The Consortium’s Beginnings

Johan Schot |

"Transformative Innovation Policy is…innovation as a search process...informed by experience, and the learning that accompanies experience and a willingness to revisit existing arrangements to de-routinse them"...

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