Why was TIPC formed? What is Transformative Innovation Policy? And why do we need it? Get the low-down on why the Consortium was created, the thinking behind it and what TIPC’s aims are.

Research and policy agenda for a world in transition

Professor Johan Schot, Director of SPRU explores whether we need a third frame ‘Innovation 3.0’ that focuses on mobilising the power of innovation to address a wide range of societal challenges including inequality, unemployment and climate change. This frame broadens the concept of innovation and focuses on the directions and choices implicated in socio-technical change. He also launches the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium which, based on this new framing of innovation aims to explore the future of innovation policy – its foundation, formulation and governance. The speech was given at SPRU's 50th Anniversary Conference (September 2016).

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Professor Schot's keynote at Lerchendal Conference in Norway on the Three Frames of Innovation

He centres on how Transformative Innovation Policy and Inclusive Innovation can bring about societal change that addresses inequality. For the supporting working papers visit, Follow him on @Johan_Schot

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